About Dirty Life


We are dedicated to helping you, the ATV and UTV community, enjoy more off-roading experiences by providing you with access to a wealth of information and to help you enhance your time off-road by making sure you have easy access to a wider variety of quality parts and equipment than is offered by any other retailer in Canada.

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Our Guiding Principles

Integrity & Respsect

This is a fundamental base expectation of every member of the Dirty Life team. We show respect for our customers, suppliers, co-workers, and the company. Dirty Life is a bit edgy and maybe pushes the envelope sometimes, and that will occasionally land us in some tight spots in terms of keeping everyone happy, but we will strive to understand everyone’s viewpoint and be respectful of them. This doesn’t mean that we must bow to their wishes, but we always strive to show compassion and respect for their opinions and beliefs. Nothing else matters if we don’t hold this one key value in our day-to-day lives.

Humble & Transparent

We share openly our thoughts, ideas, and opinions with each other and the people that use our web and social media platforms. It’s much easier to have integrity and show respect when there are no secrets and everyone feels safe enough to share their thoughts. Transparency is the key to being proud of Dirty Life and what we stand for. Often, people imagine the worst possible scenario when they have limited information, causing fear and anxiety – two things that directly contradict our values. Like our customers, we bust our asses through the week so we can get together with friends on the weekend. Dirty Life was founded to help people enjoy the off-road experience on their ATV or UTV as a great way of connecting with friends and family and bringing people together.

Goals for 2021

Like it was for many, 2020 was a year of chaos while we navigated the challenges of operating during a pandemic.  Following the rules set forth by the government we closed the store and phones were largely forwarded to Trevor's cell phone.  While working hard to satisfy the needs of those that were abel to get through to us, this ridiculous situation meant upwards of 60 calls per day and an inability to answer everyone's calls.  Certainly not what we had planned since it meant we weren't able to hire more help.  For 2021 we've taken large strides to getting back on track with the growth of our team, and now a greatly improved website that is focused on getting our customers more information about the sport, more product highlights, more time spent working with customers to find the right solution for their needs, and of course, even more products to help you outfit your ride.

Have Fun.

If we aren’t having fun helping people, we’ve missed our mark. The goal of ATV’s and UTV’s is to make life easier and more enjoyable whether at work or out playing in the mud. There should be nothing stressful about helping people. Have a little fun every day.

Serve People.

We’re here to serve people that have a choice to go somewhere else. Be good and kind to the people that visit us, and remember they are just people. They have good days and bad – our goal is to help them make the good days better and turn the bad days into good ones with phenomenal customer service.

Be Entrepreneurial.

Think on your feet and make the best decision you can to always drive our business forward. Find ways to serve our customers better, look for ways to make us more successful, and think of how you would do things if Dirty Life was your company. Strive to continually improve the customer experience, make life better for the Dirty Life team, and find ways to include our business partners in what we’re doing so they can improve as well.

Our team

Jarrett Braun

The man that makes sure the products you order get shipped out quickly and securely.

Linda Braun

She does it all, first as an ER nurse, but then she's always making herself available to make sure our customers are getting great service and that the Dirty Life team is staying on track.

Trevor Braun

Just a guy that loves powersports.  I started Dirty Life to give you more options and more information about the products you're buying.