RJ Weld Custom (RJWC) Premium Quality Exhausts

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rj weld custom - swedish manufacturer of high performance stainless steel exhausts for ATV's and UTV's

The Best Name in Premium Exhaust Systems

In the ATV and UTV exhaust world there is no better quality, or better performing exhaust system than an RJWC exhaust.  Anyone that’s been around the mud and performance world knows RJWC, even if the general public doesn’t.  The reason is simple, Robin Janssen, the owner and genius behind the exhausts is meticulous in his craft and he doesn’t want them sold as a mass produced product, even though he could leverage his brand strength to do just that.  Every premium quality, 100% stainless steel exhaust system that leaves his care has been hand built by artisan fabricators and welders.  Known the world over, RJWC produces exhausts in several lines, including the quiet as a church mouse Baffletech series, the OEM replacement line of Standard exhausts, the mud riders wet dream called the Mud Series with a cleanable and replaceable core, and of course, the loudest in the group that unleashes massive power gains, the Performance Series. Seeing what Rob’s brand was all about, I knew there was a tremendous alignment between our two companies in terms of putting quality first, and standing behind our products.  Dirty Life will be Ontario’s only supplier of the full line of RJWC exhausts, and one of the very few suppliers in Canada.  Pursuing RJWC as our premium brand of exhausts was a no-brainer.  There just isn’t a better looking, better sounding, longer lasting, higher quality exhaust system on the market today.  Riders like Ostacruiser use Rob’s exhausts because the performance gains and build quality is second to none.

RJWC Exhausts

From their website:

RJWC stands for quality. We produce everything by hand in the highest quality stainless. Our mufflers are made of thicker material than our competitors to withstand the abuse they are subjected to. The choice of wool in our mufflers is a ceramic mat/plate that can withstand over 1200 degrees Celsius (2000 farenheit), we now use a completely new type of pillow also that surrounds the ceramic mat to keep down the temperature of the outer shell of the muffler low.

rjwc stacked dual exhaust for can-am outlander If you’ve ever had a chance to see one up close, you’ll know that these exhausts are the closest thing to perfect you’ll find in an exhaust.  After witnessing how beautiful these exhausts look and sound, you realize just how much care has been put into designing and building them.  Once you’ve put your hands on an RJWC exhaust you simply can’t go back to a different brand.  As you shop for your RJWC exhaust, you’ll realize they are premium exhausts with a higher than average price tag, but if you’re accustomed to buying quality, you know you get what you pay for. The exhausts are made from 304 stainless steel that is 1.5mm thick and use fibreglass encased ceramic packing, and no structural rivets (the only rivets you’ll find are used to hold the RJWC nameplate in place).  These are quite simply the best quality exhausts anywhere in the world.

Baffletech Series

The Baffletech series of exhausts is a quieter option for those that aren’t looking for the biggest performance gains and who don’t necessarily want to purchase a fuel tuner with their exhaust.  RJWC has combined a mechanical core and a full flow muffler in a very small format.  You’ll pick up some performance, but this series of exhausts is geared toward quieting your engine noise.  If you’re operating in the lower RPM ranges of your machine most of the time, you shouldn’t need a fuel tuner, although it’s always recommended to pick one up so your bike doesn’t run too lean.  Combining the great looks of the other RJWC lines in a quieter package is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wake the neighbours when they fire up their bike in the early morning.

Standard Series

A line that was designed to give ATV and UTV owners an OEM replacement option in the premium tier.  Having 100% stainless steel construction and using a thicker steel than its competitors makes for a super long-lasting exhaust that you can put on your bike and never have to worry about.  For casual riders that don’t want to have to replace their stock exhaust every few years, this is the perfect exhaust.

Mud Series

rear of red can-am xmr 1000 renegade showing off rjwc dual centred exhaust The mud series is a gorgeous add-on to your mud machine, and replaces the Performance Series.  It will grant you a healthy gain in power and make any bike sound deep and throaty – but if the core goes, what good is any exhaust?  Well, finally there’s an option for those of us that do a lot of mud riding and have to deal with deep water crossings.  Short of snorkeling your exhaust, there’s really no way to keep mud and water out of your exhaust 100% of the time.  That’s where the Mud Series shines – it comes with an easily accessed core that can be disassembled for cleaning in about 5 minutes without having to take the exhaust off your bike.  And when the time comes to change the packing, a complete changeover to a new fibreglass-wrapped ceramic pillow can be done in about 15 minutes. By keeping exhaust gas velocity high and not allowing heat to build up in the header(s) and muffler, these exhausts offer low exhaust temperatures.  Because all their time went into making sure power gains were as much as possible, noise was a secondary concern.

The Sweet Sound

I’ve posted some clips for you so you can hear the amazing sounds of the RJWC exhaust!