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SuperATV Bulkhead Kit for Can-Am Maverick X3


Can-Am X3 Bulkhead
Let’s face it: The Can Am Maverick X3 desperately needs reinforcement. So replace that flimsy stock bulkhead with SuperATV’s Heavy Duty Bulkhead. It’s made with heavy duty steel and reinforced with internal gussets which means it will protect your frame and suspension components from frontal impacts or heavy hits. Our 100% bolt-on design provides a stalwart foundation for aftermarket front bumper mounting.

SuperATV Frame Stiffener for Can-Am X3


Get the support and stability you need for the front end of your Maverick X3 with a Frame Stiffener from SuperATV. We’ve seen too many X3 riders bend their frames by hitting a big jump, going through big whoops, or getting into fender benders. That’s why we designed this frame stiffener with heavy duty 4.5 mm steel plates.

SuperATV Frame Stiffener for Kawasaki Teryx


For all the things that make your Teryx great, it’s frame is not one of them. That’s why we made a frame stiffener to let you run bigger tires, bigger lifts, and Portal Gear Lifts. With SuperATV’s frame stiffener, you can go as big as you want and put your machine through anything—we’ll keep your frame straight.

SuperATV Frame Stiffener for Polaris Ranger


Get your Ranger ready for big tires, biggers lift and portals with a much needed frame stiffener. We know the stock frame just isn’t built to handle the full potential of your machine. Now you can lift any load no matter how much weight, torque, and torture you put your machine through without worrying about your frame!

SuperATV Frame Stiffener/Gusset Kit for Can-Am Maverick


The SuperATV frame stiffener for the Can-Am Maverick is designed for those who ride long and ride hard. With this type of riding, the lower frame tabs tend to bend and distort – not strong enough to withstand the abuse. Constructed of carbon steel and powder coated for added durability, this frame stiffener can take all the tough riding you can throw at it!