Mischief: An Even Better Origin Story

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When asked “how long have you been riding?”, I can truly say my whole life. More so out of need than anything else. I was raised in a town called Dowling in northern Ontario, a place where combustion engines are an extension to your way of life. On top of that, raised part time on a trap line with my father. Covering hundreds of square kilometres, as you can imagine, requires something more than your jean-guy rubber boots. My obsession began like many from the same time frame, with three wheels!


Over the years I went through eight different Honda ATC’s. I could never stop myself from rebuilding them for old times sake. Hell, I even convinced my now wife to take engagement photos on one. It wasn’t much later than that we found ourselves purchasing our first home, being adults and what not. With all the boring you should do’s out of the way, I had my eyes on something I could never afford before!

This was the day passion truly went into over drive, a money fueled near marriage ending rampage began and I have zero regrets. For many reasons, I knew this 2018 Outlander XMR 1000r was trouble. I knew right away I would not be doing what I promised my wife I would be doing with it. Up to no good, dare I say.. some mischief to be had.

April 18th 2018, my wife found a cheap used GoPro 4 Black. Something we had always wanted and were not sure why. Didn’t take me long to stumble upon YouTube that very same day and wonder “What does it take to start a channel?”. Less than 24 hours later I posted our first Mainville ATV and Outdoors video, my finest work, a 3:36min long video titled “2018 Outlander XMR 1000r! Introduction!” that would capture the world, or so I was thinking.

One video after another I find myself creating something I never knew I would love so much. I managed to combine my favourite sport with a new passion for capturing it. Which led me to wanting to explore new trails and meet new people. One of whom, Trevor Braun the owner of Dirty Life, I found in Johnstown Ontario at an off road event. I didn’t know how much that day would impact my wallet but the immediate friendship is almost worth it!

With a new found hobby, the machine and a new friend this is where Mischief really came to be. I wanted more, I wanted louder and I wanted a monster. Something my friends from back home would be proud of, something my wife would shake her head at and something I’d be most happy with hurting myself on.

Before I knew it, everything I imagined in my head was made possible with Dirty Life. Clutching, ECU Flash, tires, wheels, a-arms, trailling arms, tiger tail, header, exhaust and a splash of billet. So many things to list but it came to life! The adventure this machine put us on alone was worth it but this animal changed the game for me forever. Theres no looking back anymore, I only want bigger and better now.

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