“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch, former CEO of GE

Ok, so it’s not likely that Jack Welch was referring to Demon Powersports HD axles and the fact that you should change from your factory axles before they break.  It doesn’t however change the fact that you should consider changing to the most trusted brand of axles in Canadian Championship Mud Racing competition today.


Axles break most commonly because of the power and torque that today’s bikes are able to put out, and the abuse they take when you’re pushing through heavy mud or when you’re keeping those tires spinning and they catch on a hidden stump or rock.  Most of us have seen the guy broken on the side of the trail with a broken axle.  None of us wants to be that guy.


Demon Powersports offers some of the toughest axles on the market today.  As a testament to that, racers like Bill Ford, Casey Sims, Jon Powers, and Scott Kreiser are all racing and winning with Demon Powersports axles.  These guys run modified machines with big horsepower.  When they race, they have to have trust that their equipment won’t let them down.  It’s why these guys have more success – with HD and Extreme HD axles from Demon they know that when they come onto the throttle or their wheels catch after a spike in RPM’s the axles are going to be tough enough bail them out.  For these guys, the race win depends on their axles to deliver power to the wheels without breaking.  For people like you or me, it could be the difference between getting stranded in the middle of nowhere or getting home at the end of a long day of riding.  When you starting increasing horsepower with exhaust and fuel controller upgrades, you’ll find your axles are taking more abuse.


Why are they better?  What’s different between the HD axles and the many other brands that are out there?  It’s pretty simple from my perspective…  Demon Powersports has taken more time to research the causes of failures, more time working directly “hands-on” with racers and riders and they’ve developed a product that is more than a list of specs on a webpage.  It’s race-proven technology and real-world testing that’s offered to the guys like you and me that just want to get through the next mudhole without breaking an axle.  But it’s more than just an axle that can survive the punishment – it’s also an axle casual and recreational riders can afford.  The HD axles are about the best value you’ll find today.


For those that want added security, you have the option of choosing the HD Extreme axles that have beefed up in just about every category.  These are not a “value” axle – they are tough as nails, run-the-biggest-tire-you-want, use me and abuse me kind of axles.  With full 4340 chromoly innner cages, inner races, shaft, and CV Joint housing, you’re getting an axle that has “overkill” built in.  The Extreme HD axles are exclusive to just a few machines right now, because like everything Demon Powersports does, the axles are only being released to the public as testing is completed and they are 100% confident the design is perfect.  Contact us on our Facebook page or leave a message below to see if they Extreme HD axles are available for your machine.



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“Axle Strength is one of the most important factors to the type of racing that I do. It can mean the difference in finishing or not finishing a race. Racing on Mx Tracks puts an insane amount of abuse on my UTV from BIG air to BIG impacts Demon Heavy Duty axles give me the confidence I need to push myself and my machine to the limit without having to worry about my axles.” – Scott Kreiser