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June 3-4, 2017

Wheels a Churnin Review

It doesn’t get better (or wilder) than this!!

While this is technically an “organized event”, complete with registration, trails, and lots and lots of activity, it’s not the typical ride that I review here.  If you haven’t been to the August Motorsport Park, northeast of Brockville, Ontario, you are doing yourself a disservice.  That is – if you enjoy a good party and are ok with spending most of your time at the event grounds, not riding too far, and listening to the parties that go on pretty much all night.  The Wheels a Churnin event consists of snowmobile drags, mud pulls, ATV drags, mud holes for the campers, and is for…well…anyone that enjoys the Dirty Life.

crew of party people at Augusta having a good timeYou’ll see all kinds of craziness and you’ll meet all kinds of great people.  From the moment we pulled in there were friendly faces around offering to help and of course there was always someone trying to put a drink in my hand.  Despite the challenges of having such a large weekend event, thousands of people, hundreds of motorized vehicles, and countless gallons of alcoholic beverages being consumed, the event is well managed and security does an amazing job of keeping things down to a dull roar.  Although, I’m hopeful they’ll wise up a little bit and not be so strict on their no riding after 6:30 policy in the future as we were parked a good 10 minute walk through thick mud to get to washrooms and the concessions, but after 6:30pm, it was a hassle to go visit the outhouse or grab a bite to eat, even though we hadn’t been drinking.

I attended the event with my son and the regular crew we ride with and had an amazing time. If you’re considering going, just make sure you know what the event is – which is a big party with dirt and mud as the main attraction.  If you like the sounds of that, then the Wheels a Churnin event at the Augusta Motorsport Park near Brockville is the place to be.

RZR at Augusta near our campsite



  • great time
  • enjoyable environment with lots of activities
  • lots of space even though there are lots of people
  • happens 3 times each summer (June, July, September)


  • security was odd (stopped us from going to the outhouse, but allowed trucks to rip around at 2am)
  • definitely not for everyone


I won’t score this event like I normally do for organized ride because it really just isn’t the same kind of venue, but it was good fun and great value.  Camping for two of us for the weekend, plus full weekend access to the mud pit was about $135.



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